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React DevTools


Taro v3.3.1 started support.

When developing mini program you can use React DevTools


1. Installation

Install the Taro plugin in your project @tarojs/plugin-react-devtools

$ yarn add --dev @tarojs/plugin-react-devtools

2. Configuring the Taro Plugin

Configure the Taro compile configuration to use @tarojs/plugin-react-devtools

config = {
plugins: [
// ...

3. Compile project

$ taro build --type weapp --watch

Plugin Parameters

The plugin @tarojs/plugin-react-devtools has the following parameters.



Default value: true.

Controls whether to connect to react-devtools, which will inject backend code into the developer's app when enabled.



Default value: 8097

The Websocket port used by React DevTools.


  • The version of react-devtools is forcibly locked, and updating it requires modifying the code of the @tarojs/plugin-react-devtools plugin.
  • To identify custom hooks, backend performs a function on some developers need to be aware of any side effects of the code.

In addition, the current support for devtools is not comprehensive enough, some features need to be modified for the mini program environment magic backend to achieve, welcome to build ~

  • Support element highlighting.
  • Record filters changes in the storage of the mini program.

Detail Design

For detailed design, see RFC