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Version: 3.x

WeChat Mini Program Convert to Taro

Taro can convert native WeChat mini program applications into Taro projects, thus making the project a multi-terminated application.

The converted code is highly readable and can continue to be used for secondary development using React (conversion to Vue is supported in the future).

Reverse conversion steps#

  1. Install the Taro command line tool.
$ npm i -g @tarojs/cli
  1. Run the convert command in the root directory of the WeChat mini program project to convert.
# The converted code is stored in the `taroConvert` folder in the root directory
$ taro convert
  1. Go to the taroConvert directory and install the dependencies on.
$ cd taroConvert
$ npm install
  1. Run the build command to compile the project to any platform.
$ taro build --type [platform]