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Version: 3.x

SeoWhy Tangram Create Mini Program

SeoWhy Tangram Introduction

SeoWhy Tangram is a website to mini program production platform developed by more than a decade of technical precipitation and the mainstay of the webmaster circle, which uses Taro in the bottom of the mini program and supports a variety of mainstream mini program platforms, such as QQ, WeChat, Byte Jump, 360, Alipay, Baidu .

As long as your website is seowhy 6 system, Wordpress, DedeCMS, Imperial CMS, Zblog, PHPCMS and any of them, then you only need to come to the search outside the jigsaw puzzle, some simple configuration and beautification can be connected to the content of their website a key to the small You only need to come to Jigsaw, do some simple configuration and beautification, you can connect your website content to the small program with one click, to achieve a website, a mini program, multi-channel display.


Taro Sample:

Using SeoWhy Tangram

  1. Login and register to have a free mini program
  2. design configuration package download mini program package upload

SeoWhy Tangram mini program developer documentation

SeoWhy Tangram mini program makes your own developed system support mini program too

More Details refer to 《SeoWhy Tangram mini program developer documentation》

Step 1: Define constants

1. DB_PATH                    Database Directory
2. PROVIDER Program Name

Step 2: Implementation method


  1. appClient class
  2. connectProvider method
  1. dedecms sample
  2. wordpresssample

2、 provider.php

Must implement method:
Field NameDescription
getPostsGet list data
getCategoriesGet category list
getCategoryGet category detail
getArticlesGet article list
getArticleGet article detail
getProductsGet product list
getProductGet product detail
getPagesGet page list
getPageGet page detail
getCommentsGet comments list
saveCommentAdd/modify comments
commentAttitudeLike or disagree with comments
getMappingGet sitemap
getSiteMapIndexGet sitemapIndex
_getRelationsGet related products
_getSubCatIdsGet all sub-categories
getThumbFormat thumbnails
convertArticleFormat article return parameters
convertProductFormat product return parameters
convertCategoryFormat categories
convertPageFormat page
convertCommentFormat message
parseContentFormat Message
getParamsGet extension fields