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Version: 3.x

Access to Statistical Platforms

Access to Baidu statistics platform#

WeChat mini program access to Baidu statistics#

1、Download "WeChat mini program statistics SDK" in thie Baidu Statistics Platform, and copy the mtj-wx-sdk.js and mtj-wx-sdk.config.js obtained by unzipping them to the src/utils folder of the mini program project.

  1. Edit mtj-wx-sdk.config.js and fill in the appKey field:
appKey: 'Mini program AppKey',
  1. Edit src/app.tsx of the mini program project and add at the top of the file.
import './utils/mtj-wx-sdk';

4、Login to WeChat Public Platform, go to Settings -> Development Settings -> Server Domain of the mini program, add to request legal domain.

Detailed documentation is available at

Access to Aladdin Statistics Platform#

For details, see the Aladdin Statistics Platform documentation "How to integrate the SDK into a mini program built with the Taro framework"