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Version: 3.x

Page Configuration

Each mini-program page can use the .config.js file to configure the window presentation of this page. The configuration items in the page will override the same configuration items in window of the global configuration app.config.json on the current page.

The file requires export a default object, and the configuration items follow the WeChat mini-program specification and are unified for all platforms.


  1. js files referenced by require or import in page.config.js are currently not compiled by Babel compilation syntax.
  2. The platform diff logic can be implemented using the process.env.TARO_ENV variable for conditional judgments.
  3. page.config.js does not support multi-terminated files like index.weapp.js, which does not work.

Configuration Item List

navigationBarBackgroundColorHexColor#000000Navigation bar background color,such as #000000
navigationBarTextStyleStringwhiteNavigation bar header color, supported only black / white
navigationBarTitleTextStringNavigation bar title text
navigationStyleStringdefaultNavigation bar style, only the following values are supported: default: defalut style, custom: Customize the navigation bar, keeping only the top-right corner button
backgroundColorStringBackground color of the window
backgroundTextStyleStringdarkThe drop-down loading style, only supported dark / light
backgroundColorTopString#ffffff顶Background color for top window, supported on iOS only
backgroundColorBottomString#ffffffBackground color for the bottom window, supported on iOS only
enablePullDownRefreshbooleanfalseWhether to enable drop-down refresh of the current page
onReachBottomDistanceNumber50The distance from the bottom of the page when the page pull-up bottom event is triggered, the unit is px
pageOrientationStringportraitScreen rotation settings, support auto / portrait / landscape
disableScrollBooleanfalseSet to true and the page will not scroll up or down.
only works in the page configuration, and cannot be set in app.json
disableSwipeBackBooleanfalseDisable page right swipe gesture to return
usingComponentsObjectfalsePage customization component configuration

usingComponents generally does not need to be configured, but only when it needs to be configured with reference to native mini program components.

Support as follows

PropertyWeChat Mini-ProgramBaidu Smart-ProgramByteDance Mini-ProgramAlipay Mini-ProgramH5React Native
navigationStyle✔️ (WeChat App 6.6.0)✔️(Baidu App 11.1.0)✔️✔️
backgroundColorTop✔️(WeChat App 6.5.16)✔️
backgroundColorBottom✔️(WeChat App 6.5.16)✔️
pageOrientation✔️2.4.0 (auto) / 2.5.0 (landscape)