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58 Anjuke Team

Efficient APP development with Taro

Taro 3 React Native part is developed by 58 team. RN related RFC can be found in Pull Request. For test progress and related issues, please follow Taro 3.2 Test Announcement.

For more details, please refer to React Native Side Development Tutorial

Team Introduction

58 Tongcheng Technology Committee Front-end Chapter was established in 2016, which is composed of front-end teams from various business groups and departments, aiming to promote technology sharing and exchange, collaborative construction, open source code, unified technical standards and development solutions, improve the overall front-end infrastructure of the company, and enhance the efficiency of communication and collaboration between teams. 58 is also actively involved in open source community building, and has open source wwto, Umajs, Picasso many projects, more open source please pay attention to.

Company Profile

As a leading lifestyle service platform in China, 58 Tongcheng's business covers various fields such as recruitment, real estate, automobile, second-hand, local lifestyle services and finance. At the user service level, it is not only a platform for information interaction, but also a one-stop life service platform, while gradually establishing a full range of marketing solutions for businesses.

Anjuke is a leading high-quality housing platform, which was officially founded in 2007. With the corporate vision of "a living service platform trusted by everyone", it covers five major businesses: new houses, second-hand houses, rental houses, commercial properties and overseas properties. It provides users with one-stop professional services for property renting and selling, as well as an efficient online promotion platform for developers and brokers.

58 Open Source Projecct

Fair is designed for Flutter, UI & template dynamization framework for dynamically updating Widget Tree. online documentation.

Picasso is a sketch design draft parsing plug-in launched by 58Tongue, which can automatically parse the sketch design draft into a front-end code with accurate reduction and high usability.

For more open source, please follow.

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