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Taro Team

Core developers

Core developer for each of Taro's modules. Design and implement the core functionality of Taro, control the functional planning, feature introduction and implementation progress of the modules, and make the final decision when the community cannot reach a consensus.

  • Supervisory Team Responsible for the supervision and control of core functions, overall functional planning and design, supervising the introduction of new features, making development plans, and reviewing submitted code
  • Compiling Team Responsible for compiling code files to different platform implementations, JSX compilation on WeChat mini program, JSX compilation on quickapp application, ESLint plugin maintenance, etc.
  • Development Tools Team Responsible for the development and optimization of CLI tools
  • Component Library Team Responsible for the standard component library specification, documentation, standard component library implementation in different ends, and the standard component library website construction
  • Running Framework Team Responsible for the implementation of the operational framework on different ends
  • End Capability API Team Responsible for API specification, documentation, and API implementation in different ends
  • UI Library Team Responsible for the implementation of Taro UI library
  • Community Maintenance Team Responsible for community Q&A, GitHub Issues maintenance, issue collection, community project initiation and guidance, third-party library adaptation and ecological management, etc.

Strategic Partners

Jointly participate in the development and promotion of Taro, oversee the development process of Taro, promote the implementation and practice of Taro in real business scenarios in various fields, and promote the wide application of Taro in the industry.

The Taro 3 React Native part was developed by the team at 58. ReactNative-related RFCs to follow

58 Tongcheng Technology Committee Front-end Chapter was established in 2016, which is jointly composed of front-end teams from various business groups and departments, aiming to promote technical sharing and exchange, collaborative construction, open-source code, unified technical standards ,and development solutions, improve the overall front-end infrastructure of the company, and enhance the efficiency of communication and collaboration between teams. 58 is also actively involved in open source community building, and has Open source Project,such as wwto, Umajs, Picasso projects, etc. more open-source please pay attention to:

Individual Contributors

Individuals who have contributed code to Taro.

Special Acknowledgement

nanjingboyjsNewbeeQiyu8Garfield Leezhiqingchen