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Access to Statistical Platforms

Access to Baidu statistics platform

WeChat mini program access to Baidu statistics

1、Download "WeChat mini program statistics SDK" in thie Baidu Statistics Platform, and copy the mtj-wx-sdk.js and mtj-wx-sdk.config.js obtained by unzipping them to the src/utils folder of the mini program project.

  1. Edit mtj-wx-sdk.config.js and fill in the appKey field:
   appKey: 'Mini program AppKey',
  1. Edit src/app.tsx of the mini program project and add at the top of the file.
    import './utils/mtj-wx-sdk';

4、Login to WeChat Public Platform, go to Settings -> Development Settings -> Server Domain of the mini program, add to request legal domain.

Detailed documentation is available at

Access to Aladdin Statistics Platform

For details, see the Aladdin Statistics Platform documentation "How to integrate the SDK into a mini program built with the Taro framework"