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Version: 3.x

Event mechanism

Taro provides Taro.Events to implement the event mechanism, which needs to be instantiated for use, as follows:

import Taro, { Events } from '@tarojs/taro'

const events = new Events()

// Listening for an event, accepting parameters
events.on('eventName', (arg) => {
// doSth

// Listening to the same event and binding multiple handlers at the same time
events.on('eventName', handler1)
events.on('eventName', handler2)
events.on('eventName', handler3)

// Trigger an event, pass the reference
events.trigger('eventName', arg)

// Trigger an event, pass in multiple parameters
events.trigger('eventName', arg1, arg2, ...)

// Unlisten to an event'eventName')

// Cancel a handler that listens to an event'eventName', handler1)

// Unlisten to all events

Taro also implements the global message centre (Taro.eventCenter), which is an instance of Taro.Events.

import Taro from '@tarojs/taro'